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Yannis Haralambous
Cahiers Gutenberg no. 10-11 (1991), p. 69-70
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ScholarTeX is a software package consisting of fonts (.pk, .tfm, Macintosh Suitcases or Postscript Type 1 ATM-compatible), TeX-macros, executables and a detailed manual with examples and exercises. ScholarTeX allows easy and efficient use of TeX for typesetting in the following languages:

  • Arabic (accented classical and dialectal),
  • Persian,
  • Ottoman,
  • Pashto,
  • Urdu,
  • Hebrew (both biblical with all vowels and masoretic diacritical marks, and modern ivrit),
  • Yiddish,
  • Syriac (Estrangelo),
  • Armenian,
  • Greek (printed ancient and modern),
  • Ancient Greek and Latin (alphabets of Ancient Greece and Rome),
  • Old German (Fraktur and Schwabacher)
  • and Anglosaxon (the complete alphabet).

The following languages are planned for further releases:

  • Irish (calligraphic),
  • Old Church Russian (Glagolithic and Old Cyrillic),
  • Coptic,
  • Fully-ligatured Calligraphic Arabic,
  • Sanskrit.

By use of the included preprocessors, the ScholarTeX user can choose his own transliteration for every language (up to 4 ASCII input characters for each output character, changeable without recompilation). The input of Semitic languages is done from left to right. Needs of linguists, like insertions of small sentences in both ways or marginal notes are covered. Periodical upgrades will allow the incorporation of special characters, macros and other features according to the particular needs of customers.

The full paper should appear in a next issue of Les Cahiers GUTenberg.