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Cahiers GUTenberg (en ligne) issn 2118-8254

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A. Berdnikov; O. Lapko; M. Kolodin; A. Janishevsky; A. Burykin
The Encoding Paradigm in LaTeX2e and the Projected X2 Encoding for Cyrillic Texts
Cahiers Gutenberg no. 28-29 (1998), p. 17-31
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This paper describes the X2 encoding which is designed to support Cyrillic writing systems for the multilanguage mode of LaTeX2e. The restrictions of the LaTeX2e kernel, the specific features of Cyrillic writing systems and the basic principles used to create X2 are considered. This projected X2 encoding supports all the Cyrillic writing systems known to us, although the majority of the accented letters need to be constructed from pieces. The general scheme of the X2 encoding was approved at CyrTUG-97 (the annual conference of Russian-speaking TEX users) and its final form was agreed on the cyrtex-t2 mailing list.