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Hirotsugu Kakugawa
VFlib – a General Font Library that Supports Multiple Font Formats
Cahiers Gutenberg no. 28-29 (1998), p. 211-222
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VFlib is a font library written in C which provides several functions for obtaining bitmaps of characters (i.e. a rasterizer). VFlib hides the font format of font files and provides a unified API for all supported font formats. Thus, programmers of application software need not worry about font file formats. Instead, any software using VFlib can support various font file formats immediately. In addition to this, when a new font format is supported by VFlib, application software need not be modified to use such new fonts.

VFlib has been developed not only for Latin fonts but also Asian scripts such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Since it is designed as a general font module, it can be used in DVI drivers for TeX and LaTeX. In this paper we explain the API of VFlib, a font database file called vflibcap, and the internal structure of VFlib.