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Roger Kehr
xindy – A Flexible Indexing System
Cahiers Gutenberg no. 28-29 (1998), p. 223-230
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Whilst MakeIndex is an index processor which is suitable for the production of indexes in conjunction with many text formatters, its support for non-English languages is weak and a new version called International MakeIndex was presented for processing international documents. The improvements concentrated on the internationalization of the sorting process for keywords in an index. Though it substantially improves the possibility of sorting new languages, there are still weaknesses in the processing model largely inherited from MakeIndex. Through the experience gained from the International MakeIndex project we have implemented a new index processor xindy that (a) improves the sorting of index entries at a finer granularity than International MakeIndex, (b) offers new mechanisms for processing structured location references besides page numbers and Roman numerals, and (c) allows for complex mark-up schemes.