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Cahiers GUTenberg (en ligne) issn 2118-8254

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A.S. Berdnikov; O.A. Grineva
Some Problems with Accents in TeX : Letters with Multiple Accents and Accents Varying for Uppercase/Lowercase Letters
Cahiers Gutenberg no. 28-29 (1998), p. 44-55
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The problems of using the internal command +\accent+ as a tool for support of some Cyrillic writing systems is investigated. It is shown that the internal features of +\accent+ prevent construction of some Cyrillic letters which require several accents simultaneously. A special macro which emulates the work of +\accent+ by some other commands is suggested. The accents for I/i and J/j, which are different for uppercase and lowercase letters, are also considered. If-then-else structures by use of which correct accents can be placed, depending on the letter case, are proposed. A similar technique can be used for case change of the Cyrillic “capital form” ligatures Љ and Њ.