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Sarunas Burdulis; Vytas Statulevicius
Real-life Application of TeX and Adobe Acrobat for Electronic Publishing : a Handbook of Algebra and a Journal Archive
Cahiers Gutenberg no. 28-29 (1998), p. 72-81
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A classical way of using TeX in printed typesetting was enhanced for use of the same TeX source to publish electronically. A handbook of algebra and a 4-year journal archive (280 articles) were electronically published using the same TeX source files to produce both the PDF in a form for reading on-screen and a version for printing a hard copy. A package written in plain TeX provided for the mark-up of the logical structure, cross-references, bibliographical references, author names, keywords and symbols. The hypertext contents, index pages and a complete navigation system are also made in PDF and were pre-programmed at the TeX level. Being completely a PDF product the same publications are thus usable on any computer system for which a PDF viewer exists.